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Chimney Re-Builds
& Repairs

Chimney repair – We offer a selection of local chimney services in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.


Chimney Rebuilds

Chimneys are particularly vulnerable to the elements and are often the last to receive attention. While most chimneys will not require a complete tear-down and rebuild, you can rest assured that the skilled workers at Drake Roofing Services are more than capable of restoring the pinnacle of your home to its former glory and will survive through any storm it encounters.


Chimney Repairs & Maintenance

For many homeowners, chimney stacks are a source of frustration. It can be tough to detect a leak from a chimney, but we've encountered hundreds of faulty chimneys in our career and can generally spot the issue immediately.

In Plymouth and the surrounding areas, we provide a variety of chimney services, including:

  • Re-pointing

  • Chimney flashing

  • Brickwork replacement

  • Chimney capping

  • Restoration

  • Chimney stack repair

  • Chimney demolition

  • Chimney Leaks

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