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GRP Liquid Plastics

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. It is also called fibreglass, composite plastic or FRP. It is strong, extremely light and highly versatile. GRP Liquid Plastics is a elegant flat roofing product that is ideal for flat roofs and can also be used for hard-to-reach detail areas.

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How GRP Works.

Liquid waterproofing is a fantastic product that allows contractors to seal difficult-to-reach areas. It's commonly used on flat roofs, such as flat roof coatings over existing roofs and flat roof renovations, as well as steps, pathways, basements and balconies.

Liquid plastic roofing is a liquid that can be applied over your current roof to form a waterproof covering (typically based on polyurethane, natural bitumen, or artificial polyester). The main benefit of this method of waterproofing your roof is that it can be applied without removing your present roof covering.

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Drake Roofing Services have a huge amount of experience with using Liquid Plastic Systems over the last 12 years. GRP, or glass reinforced plastic, is exceptionally durable and non-corrosive. This roof system can be applied directly on OSB board or as an overlay system over your current roof. GRP can also be applied on new insulation boards. Once the base coat is applied a binding reinforcement matting or fleece is used to reinforce the top coat of liquid plastics. The top coat finish provides a UV protection layer. The final outcome resembles a sleek and stylish moulded roof.

The curing process in Liquid Roof Systems is triggered by atmospheric moisture, thus no catalyst is required. This quick curing membrane cures in a variety of weather conditions and becomes entirely rain resistant in just 10 minutes.  Even if a pool of water forms on top of Liquid Roof, it will still cure! Usually a two or 3 layered coat is applied depending on the product or Garentee. If you'd like additional information or a free, no-obligation estimate, please use the button below to contact us.

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