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Drake Roofing Services has a fantastic working connection with our suppliers, allowing us to obtain any sort of roofing tile you desire at very reasonable prices.

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Tiling Specilists

Drake Roofing Services provides the finest certified installers with many years of roofing expertise to install both modern and classic roof tiles effectively.
Roof leaks, damp exterior walls, broken, damaged ceilings, missing tiles, cracked tiles, deteriorating tiles, and slippery tiles are all signs that your tile roof needs to be repaired, maintained, re-tiled, or re-roofed.

When the current tiles on a roof approach the end of their life span, re-tiling is usually required to resolve any issues.

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Tile Roof Refurbishment

Where the roof structure and roof tiles are generally sound, the existing roof covering may be refurbished.
A tile roof refurbishment entails a partial overhaul of the existing roof tiles, identification and isolation of any visible defective roofing areas, stripping back of these roof areas, and reinstatement of the roof tile coverings with existing and new or reclaimed roofing materials that match the existing roof tiles.

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